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16 Week Master Your Metabolism Course

Achieve your goals, balance your body, and shift your mindset.

Does this sound like you?

  • You've tried every diet and the scale just won’t budge

  • You deal with bloating, constipation, inflammation and food sensitivities 

  • You struggle with brain fog and forgetting things often 

  • Your sleep is interrupted by night sweats and  hot flashes 

  • You struggle with PMS, irregular periods, or mood swings

  • You’re constantly overwhelmed with even just the little tasks

  • You’ve lost your libido 

  • Don't have the all day energy you wish you did

  • You've tried all of the "healthy things", but still don't feel your best

  • You are READY to invest in your health and want long lasting solutions.​

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Imagine what it would be like:

  • To wake up feeling rested

  • To  have consistent energy throughout your day

  • To feel happy, healthy, whole and feel so damn good in your skin

  • This is what it is like to have your hormones back in balance and being so in tune with your body.

There was a time in my life when things were so out of balance. I was so tired that I could not get out of bed. I was in so much pain that I could not even put my own shirt on.  I was an emotional wreck - what was happening to me and my body?   


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctors told me that I’d have to take medication for the rest of my life, that there was nothing that I could do.  But intuitively, I knew that something was off in my body, and wondered why all of a sudden my body was sick. There had to be more answers! Therefore I went for a deep dive into all things nutrition  and understanding what my body was trying to tell me.  


I had to heal.

I had to heal  from  the emotional trauma.  I had to heal from being judged about my body. I had to heal the thoughts that I needed to look a certain way. I had to heal from the mindset that I was never enough.  


This took a lot of work, education, un-learning and un-doing of the misinformation that we've all been taught about our bodies from a very young age/and or the lack of knowledge that we are not taught about our bodies at a young age. 

Now at almost 46 years of age,  I have learned to understand and listen to my body;  to nourish and move my body  that supports me uniquely based on the cyclical phases and seasons. 


So now it is my mission to understand each woman from a functional, physical, emotional unique whole view. To support women like you who need support with healing your metabolism, hormones and inflammation, so that you can finally feel at home in your body again.


Master Your Metabolism

My 16 week signature 1-1 program to help you master your metabolism, balance

your hormones, and reduce inflammation so you feel GREAT in your body!


Here is my 4 phase process to help you master your metabolism: 

Phase 1 - Mindset, Nourishment without restriction
In this phase, you will be reintroduced to yourself again. Who were you then, who are you now, and who do you want to become; creating an environment to set yourself up for success. Along with understanding and listening to your body, what foods nourish and give you energy and vitality, and how to eat without restriction. 

Phase 2 - Reducing inflammation through good digestion and detoxification

In this phase, we’ll identify what causes inflammation and how to reduce it through nourishing foods; how the body naturally detoxes and  how to improve digestion, elimination and absorption to help your body get back into balance.


Phase 3 - Regulating the nervous system  through movement, self-care and rest. Balancing hormones.

In this phase, you’ll learn how to sync with your body's natural monthly cyclical rhythm, whatever beautiful phase in life you are at. We’ll also deep dive into nervous system support so that you’re on the way to healing your body naturally.

Phase 4 - The Continuum and path to longevity 

​In this phase, you’ll learn how to set up your environment for consistency and ease of life, how to personalize ways  to always prioritize self care and show up consistently everyday. You’ll also learn how to build life-long habits and stay motivated with your health goals.

This program will help you to understand…

  • How to support your hormones and give it the nutrients to thrive 

  • How to support your liver for detoxification 

  • How to support your thyroid for metabolism 

  • How to support your digestion for a happy belly

  • How we’re cyclical beings and our biology requires us to adjust to ebbs and flows based on our cycle

  • How to balance your blood sugar so our body can feel safe and our hormones can come back into balance naturally


“The simplest foundational changes yield the best results when done consistently over time” 


The Program Includes

  • Detailed personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle plan  

  • Regular check-ins; bi-weekly meetings to ask questions, address challenges, and make adjustments

  • Basic vitamins & supplement recommendations (if applicable)

  • Individually customized workouts

  • Personalized meal plans according to likes/dislikes, macros or health-related nutritional needs.

  • 8 x 40 minute coaching sessions.

  • Unlimited access to your personalized Coach + personalized APPS

  • Handouts

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